God Answered Our Prayers!

Three days prior I left for Orlando, I was still 27% short of my goal to fully cover the cost of my training. But I know God wasn’t going to turn me down.  He called me into full-time ministry, and so with a little reminding of His promise of provision, He calmed my spirit. And sure enough, He showed up! Donations kept coming in, that before the end of my training, total amount raised was 136% of the goal!  Praise the Lord!!!

The New Staff Training was fantastic!  I learned a lot, no doubt.  It was so encouraging and refreshing to meet Cru staff members and fellow trainees who came from all around the U.S., representing different Cru ministries: Campus Ministry, Family Life, City, Athletes in Action, Cru Military, to name a few.

Listening to the bio and testimonies of older staff members, their tenure ranging from 27 to 48 years, was so inspiring!  They’ve been on staff that long but their enthusiasm and passion to serve the Lord, as if they’ve just received Christ yesterday.  Their wealth in wisdom, the depth of their insight, the aura of strength, conviction, confidence and stability emanating from them, were just amazing!  God has surely blessed Cru for such a time as ours, with such powerful workforce dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission.

comissioning round borders

So having completed the required training and having taken vows, on May 16, 2015, I was fully commissioned as a Missionary of Campus Crusade for Christ, along with these lovely folks!

Approved for endorsement!

The day after I came back from training was my scheduled interview with the Missions Leadership Team of our home church in Frisco, TX – Stonebriar Community Church. The outcome? I was granted the seal of approval to be recognized as of one our church’s supported missionaries! Yay!!! I could never be happier that day.  It’s like having mom and dad on board with me as I set sail further along my missionary journey.  God is just awesome!

SCC MEA interview round borders

What’s next?

I must find a team of partners who will support my ministry to get fully-funded. As soon as this team is complete, I can report to my assignment.  Please pray for favor and that I could clearly share about my ministry as I meet with individuals, small groups, other churches and organizations in the days ahead and invite them to partner with me in prayer and monthly financial support.

I know that God has already prepared the men and women who will comprise my team of supporters. I would love to see you as one of them! We are in for a treat.  I couldn’t wait to see how God will use our partnership in accomplishing the task of giving every man a chance to hear the Gospel.

Let’s talk soon, if we haven’t already. Please feel free to leave me a message in the Contact tab if you have any questions or would like to meet with me to hear more about my ministry.

Love sincerely in Christ,

Jenny Aquino


Partner with me today! In prayer and/or financial support, I will be so grateful for it. God bless you!


Having the End Goal in Mind

“This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 NIV

According to joshuaproject.net, there are still millions of people that are yet to hear the Gospel. The Bible is clear that this world dominated by darkness will not come to its end until all people have had the chance to embrace or reject the Good News. If we understand or remind ourselves that there’s a much better place prepared by God for believers to enjoy, we wouldn’t trade a minute or a second to remain here on this earth. But God has a plan! He doesn’t want anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). His plan involves you and me. Have you ever wondered what the Church’s current strategy is to get every believer aligned with God’s plan?

Cru is one organization committed to the Great Commission. In fact, both Ronnie and I, in separate universities in the Philippines, had personally benefited from the efforts of their campus ministries during our college years. Cru is at the forefront of sharing the Gospel around the world, even in the toughest places to reach. We can both be a part of the great work God is accomplishing through Cru in obedience to His command of making disciples of all nations, Matthew 28:19-20. That command comes with a promise, my favorite part, “And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Here’s the deal:

We can partner so we can multiply the fruits of our obedience!

“But I’m already involved in my church!” or “I’m already supporting 5 missionaries!”, you’d say. That’s great! I’m happy to hear that. Way to go! And I mean that, sincerely.

But would you at least agree to celebrate with me one answered prayer and commit to pray for this new request? Yeah?! Sure?!

Here’s what we can praise God for:

  • As of May 4’s postal and email delivery, I have reached about 73% of my immediate goal!  Whoohoo!!! That goal is to raise the cost of my 10-day New Staff Training scheduled on May 8 to 17, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.   I’m leaving this Friday already!

Here’s what you can help me pray for:

  • The arrival of the 27% before Friday.  I barely have 3 days left to fully fund my training.  Any amount raised in excess of the cost of the training will flow into my monthly support, which will be my next goal.

I can easily elaborate what reaching my immediate goal means.  Simply put, you will be sending off a missionary who is equipped to work in the field. And what is that field?  The world!  Too big?!  It’s Nepal!  It’s those places that have been devastated by disasters. It’s those people who have nothing to cover their wounds or relieve their pain and suffering.

PLEASE JOIN HANDS WITH ME! $30, $50, $100 or any lower or higher amount the Lord will lead you to give will be greatly appreciated.  I’m sure you can give some amount. If not, may I ask how can I pray for you and your needs? I want to be a blessing to you too, even to pray for your needs as you would pray for me, my family and this new ministry I shared with you.

If you’re in a position to help financially and decide to give, would you kindly do that today by clicking on this page?  Your gift will be as unto our God whose desire is for all men to come to the saving knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. That is the end goal in mind, that we may be one with God’s purpose in bringing all men into His marvelous light.  To Him be praise forever and forever!

Love sincerely in Christ,

Jenny Aquino

P. S.

Give today! No matter the amount, I will be so grateful for it. God bless you!