Health Update

Praise God for this good news! My chest pains are gone. My blood pressure is back to normal. My visual field exam and most of my blood tests came back normal. My neurosurgeon said that these great results do not warrant surgery at this time. Yay!

As for my headaches, he said they are possibly not caused by the tumor, given the size of it and the results of my tests. He wants me to see my neurologist for the relief of my headaches and have another MRI in 3 months to check if the tumor is growing. He said that if the tumor grows from its size when we found it, then we’ll have to talk about surgery.

I’m hoping that my doctors are not missing anything. Meanwhile, I have been seeking the help of integrative health practitioners for my headaches. I have started to try a regimen consisting of essential oils, nutritional supplements from natural sources, and neurofeedback therapy. Please pray that they will be effective in treating the headaches and helping my brain and whole body to heal well.

I believe that it is not impossible for God to miraculously remove the tumor and totally eliminate the possibility of malignancy without surgery. Please join me in boldly asking God to make that happen and that in 3 months, by June, the MRI won’t show anymore the tumor or that its size will have remained the same.

God knows what’s best for His children. May He grant me and my family continued peace and submission to His perfect will, even if it means going through surgery. May He increase my faith and make me fearless to do that which will please Him and give Him glory.

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