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Music has definitely been a great part of my life. As far as I can remember, I started singing in public when I was 4. I wrote my first song when I was 15, only a few weeks after I got saved.  “Live for Jesus” was the title of that song, which I wrote on my very first journal.  After graduating from college, I started getting involved with the worship band in our church.  That became a place of discipleship and refuge for me.

Years passed, a song still gets birthed in my heart, usually during my personal devotions or after reading a book.  It also comes in random moments, while driving to work or taking a shower.   When that special song inspiration comes, I have to record it as soon as possible, lest I forget. Thanks to voice recorders loaded on smart phone these days!

On January 16, 2014, a few days before I left for a mission trip to the Philippines, my first EP album was released. I am thankful to Hyman Stansky for his beautiful arrangements, Clarissa Lising for lending her Disney-princess sounding voice to this album, and a few friends and family members who helped cover the cost of the production.

May I share them with you?  Listen to all 6 songs for free on YouTube #JennyAquino or click on the album artwork below.

You can also purchase the album through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other major digital music outlets. To order the physical CD, email me at  It’s $10 each including shipping and handling to any address in the U. S. Other rates will apply in other countries.

Thank you for your patronage. I pray the songs will take you to His heart.  God bless you!

Album Artwork by Watercolor Devo

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