Letting Go for the Greater Good

Balanced Life was the first item on my prayer list last month.  Going through my priorities, I know I cannot permit time for my family to suffer. I know I still have to keep my nursing job in the hospital for financial reasons. I know support-raising is part of the commitment I entered into when I joined Cru. But what about band? I sing weekly and lead worship every other week for our Sunday School. No one can touch that. Or so I thought. But as I prayed, it became clearer and clearer that the one thing I love doing the most outside of family and work, I had to let go. Why? Simply, so I can use the time I spend in band (preparing sets and attending rehearsals) to raising support for this ministry.

In a few weeks time, the number moved faster: 53% to 60% including pledges! While pledges make the numbers appear higher, the actual monthly contribution has to be started and received by Cru in order to count towards my Monthly Goal. So, here’s how we could be praying as we move towards the next three months. Please do pray that my Monthly Fund reaches 75% in actual contributions by the end of June. With God, nothing is impossible. If He wants to, I could be at a 100% before summer. That would be so wonderful! Not only will I be able to report to my assignment then. God willing, I could also be singing in band again. Yay!

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