What’s Next?


“How do we best navigate our journey at hand?” is the question Ronnie and I have asked ourselves in the light of my health issue, the season of life our family is currently in, and the many ministry opportunities we have in Cru.

As you may know, my role in GAiN involves overseas travel.  This month of March, I would have been part of a team scheduled to travel to the Middle East to help with our refugee outreach. As Ronnie and I prayed about it, we felt strongly that it would be best for me to not travel overseas right now. Changing some of the details of our ministry involvement seems to be the right thing to do.

In February , with Cru and GAiN HR’s permissions, Ronnie and I began to explore other Cru ministries in the DFW area. Early this month of March, after several conversations and meetings with other Cru ministry heads and leaders, we were able to narrow down our options. We are pretty excited with what God has shown us!

For now, please pray for us to be sensitive to God’s leading as we consider our options and make the change. Our desire is, no matter where we serve, that our passion and commitment to God and the Great Commission will remain strong. May our leaders’ guidance and approval of the change reflect God’s perfect will and that it will yield fruitfulness in more souls hearing the Gospel and becoming faithful followers of Christ.

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